Touch Desk Computer Downloads

Below are a collection of drivers and downloads that are needed for a Touch Desk computer. These are useful when you have to replace hardware or there is a need to wipe clean and re-install the operating system.


TouchDesk 3.14.11


TouchDesk 3.9.2

TouchDesk Update 3.9.01

Remote Support Host Download

Honeywell Serial USB Driver

Honeywell Serial Emulation barcode scan page

Touch Desk Stable

Touch Desk Update 3.8 BETA

Touch Desk Update

Touch Desk 3.7.5 update to include cash reconciliation and other great updates

TouchDesk Live Scoring and Credit Card Ready

Touch Desk Update 3.7.1

Touch Desk Update for Forty Frame Game 3.5.9

Touch Desk Version 3.5.7 Update

Touch Desk Version 3.5.4 Update

Touch Desk Version 3.5.1 Update (3.5 Users ONLY!)

Touch Desk Update 3.4.24

Touch Desk User Manual

Receipt Printer Install File (Pos-X)

Brother Network Laser Printer Install File

Basic Anti-Virus Protection

HP L2206tm Touch Screen Drivers

Pole Display Driver (Pos-X) and Configuration Tool

Adobe PDF Reader (required to use BLS or TouchDesk Reports)

Free Version of Open Office

BLS2013 A/S Software and Clipart for BLS2013

Remote Support Tool for networked workstations with no internet access (unzip, then run install.cmd)

IDTech Magnetic Card Reader Driver Files

Magnetic Card Reader Configuration Tool

POS-X 4.50 Thermal Printer Driver

Windows 8 Persistent Com port for Thermal Printers

Windows 7 Persistent Com port for Thermal Printers


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