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New RJ45 wiring for TS MIU Pinsetter/Pinspotter Controller

Wiring below is standard straight through Type "B" wiring used in North America sometimes called the AT&T standard.



1 (w/Orange) - Intercom (optional)
2 (Orange) - Intercom (optional)
3 (w/Green) - RX-
4 (Blue) - GND (DC-)
5 (w/Blue) - GND (DC-)
6 (Green) - RX+
7 (w/Brown) - 5v or 12v +
8 (Brown) - 5v or 12v +

This is the wire termination for the cable from Scoring PC to MIU and from MIU to Intercom/Keypad assembly. Keypad termination requires female "Keystone" termination.

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