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TouchDesk/TouchScore Update 14.11

Update for TouchDesk


New RJ45 wiring for TS MIU Pinsetter/Pinspotter Controller

Wiring below is standard straight through Type "B" wiring used in North America sometimes called the AT&T standard.



1 (w/Orange) - Intercom (optional)
2 (Orange) - Intercom (optional)
3 (w/Green) - RX-
4 (Blue) - GND (DC-)
5 (w/Blue) - GND (DC-)
6 (Green) - RX+
7 (w/Brown) - 5v or 12v +
8 (Brown) - 5v or 12v +

This is the wire termination for the cable from Scoring PC to MIU and from MIU to Intercom/Keypad assembly. Keypad termination requires female "Keystone" termination.

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RJ45 Touchpad Wiring



1 (w/Orange) - Not Connected
2 (Orange) - Not Connected
3 (w/Green) - RX+
4 (Blue) - GND (DC-)
5 (w/Blue) - GND (DC-)
6 (Green) - RX-
7 (w/Brown) - 5v or 12v +
8 (Brown) - 5v or 12v +

This is the male end of the keypad pins for wiring to the COM1 on DS81 v1 in RS422 mode OR to the Legacy Port in TS MPA rev. B


DB9 RS-422 Pinouts

Shuttle-PC RS422 Pinout for Keyboard

Above is an image that shows the pinout for the DB9 connection of COM1 of the Shuttle-PC DS81 V1 of the Touch Score Scoring Replacement System.

Also the Update with Touch Score Latest Version is Here


Touch Desk Update Hot Fix

Hot fix that corrects some small bugs introduced in 3.9.3 update and cleans some things up

Touch Desk Update


Touch Desk update 3.9.3

Touch Desk update 3.9.3 now with more No Sale button!

TouchDesk 3.9.3

Other updates include timed bowling limits and improvements to quickbooks file creation.

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Remote Support back up and running!

I have migrated everyone over to our centralized remote support system and I want to thank all of our customers for their patience while we proceeded through the change.

To my knowledge no one had interrupted service during the switch, and we are fully functional yet again!

Ken H


No more LogMeIn Support

Due to recent changes in LogMeIn's business model it is no longer economical for me to offer tech support remotely through that system. I am in the process of migrating everyone over to a new remote support centralized system that will link your Touch Desk stations directly to my account where I can see everyone's status at once.

Thank you for understanding while we transition.

-Ken H

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New Update and New Beta Update for Touch Desk

We have a stable update fixing some minor but persistent issues with previous customer balances and auto-check out. This update also has the Credit Card processing if part of your license.

We also have a beta update that is being tested but has a massive number of fixes and changes to everything from adding a busy icon when giving lanes commands to editing employee time sheets and adding Forty Frame Game support to Touch Score scoring computers!

Touch Desk Update 3.8 BETA

Touch Desk Update Stable


Touch Desk Update 3.7.1 with future Credit Card Processing Support and Bug Fixes

Users of Touch Desk can now update to 3.7.1 which has some major and minor fixes and several implementations of the things you all have been asking for!

Included in this update is the software code to do future integration to some newer credit card terminals and credit card processing.

Please remember before updating to backup your database and keep in mind there will be some differences to options and even new warnings and pop-ups. Consult with us before updating please.

Available in the download section or click HERE

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Mikogo Remote Support Touch Desk Trial Download